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What to Wear to Your Maternity Session
with Pittsburgh Photographer, Laura Mares 

I was recently asked for tips for what to wear at a maternity photo session. Since your baby bump is the "star of the show," dress to accentuate it! Read these 10 tips on what to wear to your maternity session.

1. A Maxi Dress. A maxi dress is the perfect thing to wear for maternity shoots. Maxi dresses are comfortable and flattering.

2. Solid colors generally photograph well. I love white, cream and beige. I like to keep it simple.

3. Tight clothing looks great in maternity shots, we want the focus to be on your adorable baby bump!

4. Consider wearing a belt to help define your baby bump. Wear just above your belly to create a beautiful waistline.

5. Lean towards classic clothing and away from the current trends. I want your maternity session portraits to be a reflection on your pregnancy and your growing family. We don't want the clothes to be a distraction in 20 years.

6. Textured clothing always photographs well, like knitted scarves, sweaters and lacy materials.

7. Make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you choose. I want to capture the "real" you at this stage in your journey. You need to feel beautiful and confident!

8. Bring an additional outfit. This will give you variety when choosing your favorites from your gallery! Perhaps a casual and a more dressy option? Consider coordinating your outfits to look great when together when framed or in an album. 

9. Spring/Summer Outfits: Maxi Dress, a tie at the waist, long flowing skirt with a crop top, lacy layers, sun hat, scarf, small belt, warmer color tones in spring/summer.

10. Fall/Winter Outfits: Maxi Dress with an off the shoulder sweater, jeans with a tight top, cozy/knit layers, scarf, beanie, belt, cooler color tones in fall/winter.

Laura Mares is an experienced photographer specializing in capturing timeless family keepsakes. Laura works on location and in her fully equipped home studio, located in Mt. Lebanon, eight miles south of Pittsburgh, PA. Laura’s style is creative, natural, and timeless. Would you like beautiful portraits of your newborn baby, to update your child and family portraits or to document a milestone in your life such as a wedding, graduation, birthday or reunion? If you are interested in high quality, timeless photographs, book your session today, call (412) 654-3367 or email laura.mares@me.com. To view a wide range of gorgeous portraits and to get great tips, advice and beautiful inspiration follow along on Instagram and Facebook.


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